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If you are looking for id3 tag editor, mp3 tagger or want to change album art or picture in mp3 or add photo or cover to mp3, you are on the right place. Just upload your mp3 files below and proceed to change id3 tags.

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TAGMP3.NET is a free online website where you can change mp3 tags, change album art, and other ID3 (ID3v1, ID3v2) tags. So if you are looking for an mp3 tag editor, or mp3 tagging software then this website is your best destination. Forget about downloading and installing any software or app to change id3 tags of your mp3 files. You can edit audio metadata and customize common id3 tags easily by uploading your music files here.

Tagmp3 is an easy to use automatic id3 tag editor because it auto detects id3v1 and id3v2 version, and automatically updates to id3v2 even if your uploaded file is outdated to id3v1. The advantage of id3v2 is that it is more detailed and you can enter lots of information like album art, genre, title, album, release year, and comments etc.

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Why tag mp3 is a good music tag editor?

It is the best music metadata editor and tag renaming software because it does magic with different music types. At, you are free to upload whatever file type, either it is a video or an audio having any encoding format. automatically converts different media types to mp3, and then inserts id3v2 sample tags, and then takes you to the second step where you can change tags of your uploaded music easily.

Supported File Types: supports almost all audio/video formats including mp3, mp4, m4a, flac, aac, ogg, ogv, wma, wav, amr, m4r, 3gp, 3gpp, aiff, mid, mpeg, webm, mov and ts. If you have any other format that you want us to add support, please feel free to contact us, and we will try to add it as soon as possible.

What are ID3 tags?

ID3 tags are set of information such as the title, artist, album, track number, and some other information that is stored in the MP3 file itself. There are two different versions of ID3 that are ID3v1 and ID3v2.

ID3v1 containes fixed set of informational fields and it is stored at the end of an MP3 in form of 128-byte segment. There is an advance version of ID3v1 which is ID3v1.1 and it contains slight modification which adds a "track number" field and also there is a slight shortening of the "comment" field. ID3v2 very different from ID3v1 if we compare structures of both versions. It contains an extensible set of "frames" which is located at the start of the file. Each frame is recognized by an identifier (a three- or four-byte string) and one piece of data. There are standard frames for containing album cover art, BPM, lyrics, copyright, and arbitrary text and URL data, as well as other tags. ID3v2 has been extended to 3 versions so far, and each new version contains new frame definitions.

The mp3 tagger that works everywhere

So, if you are looking for a "music tagging software", stop searching, and try The biggest advantage if is that it works on all platforms. Either you are on a mac, windows, mobile, and even in mobiles, either you are an iPhone user or and Android user, not only that, but even non-ios-android devices like jio phone, kaios, symbios, samsung or any other operating system that supports internet browsing and uploading, you can simply use there and change your music tags right away.

You can either upload a single file or select multiple files. How to select multiple files? That's easy, you can either press and hold <Shift>, or <Ctrl> key, or drag your mouse around target files and select as many as you want and then proceed to change audio information online.

So, is the best metadata editor where you can insert picture into mp3 files, change existing image and update all other song information automatically by uploading your music files.


How to add album art to mp3?

You can add album art to mp3 using Visit tagmp3 dot net website, upload your mp3 file, and in second step you can upload album art that you want to add to the mp3 file. Then in third step, you can download your updated mp3 file.

How do I change album art on Android or iPhone? is a free website where you can change album art of your audio files. This website is compatible with all kind of devices including Android, iPhone, Windows 10, Linux etc. You can visit tagmp3 website in any browser, upload you audio songs, and you will see current album art if there is any, and upload your custom album art. After uploading your custom album art, you can proceed to download your updated file.

Can you edit iPhone album artwork?

The answer is yes. If you are an iPhone user, you can edit album artwork easily using tag mp3 net. You can open in Safari or any other browser, upload your files and edit the album artowrk. You can see existing artowrk and upload your desired cover imager which will replace existing image, and then you can download the updated file.

How to add thumbnail to song?

Adding thumbnail to songs is very easy. You can use any id3 tag editor, or visit tag mp3 website, upload your songs, and then upload thumbnail file and this free tool will generate new file with provided thumbnail for you that you can download.

So, if you are a music producer, then this tool is quite handy for you either you produce music for games, movies, tv, or custom requests. Just upload your music and personalize it by adding your own id3 tags.

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